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Cool Diabetes Videos and Learning Tools

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Cool Diabetes Videos and Learning Tools

By Nina Nazor

Videos and interactive programs are great educational tools since you can learn about the basics of diabetes management while you have fun. Moreover, you can watch the videos or use the interactive tools over and over again to reaffirm your knowledge. I invite you to explore these cool tools and share them with your friends and loved ones.

1. Think Like a Pancreas
This is a wonderful new site for teens (and their friends!) with type 1 diabetes. The guide, Pierre Pancreas and his swingin' band, the Keytones, answer a lot of questions about being a teen with diabetes.

2. Diabetes Myths & Facts
This is an interactive booklet from the World Wide Initiative for Diabetes Education group. This booklet was developed with the hope of dispelling many of the myths associated with diabetes. It has been added to the website in an interactive and searchable Flash format and is also available as a pdf file. It is intended for use by people with diabetes, friends and relatives of people with diabetes and healthcare professionals.

3. Diabetes
This short video, available through the BBC website, tells the story of Rax, who has had type 1 diabetes for two years. He just came back from a doctors visit and knows he's not doing well at controlling diabetes since he does not check his glucose levels as often as he should or adjust his insulin.

4. I Have Diabetes Too! Video for Kids with Diabetes
Kids who are diagnosed with diabetes are naturally curious about other kids with diabetes. They'd like the reassurance that they aren't alone and that they can manage it. The cost for the DVD is $30 and $20 for the VHS.

5. Secrets to Blood Glucose Control
Dr. Richard K. Bernstein has had diabetes for 59 years, and is the author of 2 best selling books, "Diabetes Diet" and "Diabetes Solution". He has recently released a new 5 CD Audio Set with a 6-hour complete education program and guide to achieving normal blood sugars, titled “Secrets to Normal Blood Sugars,” which has been recorded separately for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The cost for the complete 5 CD, 6 Hour Audio Set plus 28 page manual is $129.95

6. City of Hope Videos About Diabetes
City of Hope is a leading-edge research and treatment institution with the enduring mission to prevent and cure cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. They have the following short videos on their website. You will love to watch them, especially those where BB King says that “Hope is the sweetest sound”. Just go to their website and scroll down to find the following videos:
Diabetes Islet Cell Transplantation
With this new technology a new era for diabetes treatment has been born. Transplanted islet cells recognize and regulate the body’s need for insulin, perhaps eliminating dependence on daily injections.
Genetic Medicine
This video features the City of Hope's genetic counseling program and their discovery of “molecular scissors.”
B.B. King’s Hope for a Christmas Celebration
Blues legend B.B. King urges people to support City of Hope’s quest to find cures for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. Because "Hope is the sweetest sound."
B.B. King in Support of Diabetes Research
Blues guitar wizard B.B. King, along with 18 million other Americans, has diabetes. City of Hope researchers invented the first synthetic human insulin, and King supports their continued quest for a cure.