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About People & Diabetes

Nina Nazor

Hello! I am delighted to be able to introduce myself to you. I'm Nina Nazor and I created People & Diabetes to help you and your loved ones learn all you need to know about diabetes management.


I am passionate about diabetes education. I don’t have diabetes but it runs in my family and some of my best friends have been dealing with it for many years. However, I have an underactive thyroid and I know about having to live following a strict diet, exercising daily and taking pills every day. I'm also familiar with disappointments of doctor visits and with trying to find the “right treatment”.

Currently based in Atlanta, GA, I worked as a Dietitian and Diabetes Educator
 for several years in Mexico City before coming to the USA. 
I hold a bachelors degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. I graduated with honors in 1994.

My passion for diabetes education started in 1991, when I began volunteering at my local diabetes association. I used to give diabetes classes and help people with their diet, and I loved it! It was then when I learnt that education and empowerment are the best tools for managing diabetes.

I was very fortunate to have worked for Eli Lilly Mexico as a Diabetes Educator for several years while having my private practice in two hospitals. I used to give diabetes classes all over the country, not only for people with diabetes, but also conducted workshops about nutrition and diabetes education for family doctors and nurses with my coworker Maria Elena Carranza, a great diabetes educator. It was a lot of fun! 

I came to Atlanta in 2003, when an American company, DrTango, Inc., asked me to manage their bilingual diet and fitness portal. MiDieta/MyDiet.

Also, one of the best job experiences I have had has been to work for, a New York Times Company, as the Diabetes Guide for a couple of years. In these pages you will find some of the content I created for my diabetes website back then.

I hope you will enjoy the information I have published in this website. I have tried to include the most accurate and recent topics about diabetes care. I am currently developing our Spanish website and also some new tools and will keep adding content. I will appreciate if you let me know of any information you would like me to publish here.


Warm regards,


Nina Nazor

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