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Diabetes Testing - Top Diabetes Logs

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7 Top Diabetes Logs

By Nina Nazor 

Tools for tracking diabetes control

Monitoring and tracking your blood glucose levels, food, carbs, activities, exercise, medications, blood pressure, weight and even the emotions you experience, not only provides you with immediate feedback to make changes to improve your control in that moment, but also allows your health care team to have the correct information for effective decision making about the adjustments you need in your treatment.

There are different ways to record and track accurately your data for optimal diabetes control. Printed journals, spreadsheets, web based trackers and software to use in your computer.

The best source of information for diabetes logs and tools that I could find is the On-line Diabetes Resources Software List compiled by David Mendosa. His website is one of the best for people with diabetes, and if you are not familiar with it yet, you should take a look. David has diabetes. He started his website back in 1995 and currently is the second oldest website about diabetes.

After reviewing several of the tools currently available, I liked the following:

  1. The Weekly Track Diabetes Management Kit is a daily diabetes log that allows you to track your blood glucose readings, medications, dietary and exercise information. If you use an insulin pump, you can also record pump-specific data. This is a printed log available for $9.95 from OSS Publishing Company.
  2. Medicompass is an on-line blood glucose-tracking program. It supports automatic uploading of blood glucose readings from a wide range of meters made by Roche, LifeScan, MediSense, and Bayer. You can also create reports, track medications and customize your plan. This wonderful tool is available for $4.95/month.
  3. Dia-Log Is a free online diabetes management tool that lets you track your blood glucose, insulin, carbohydrates, and other foods as well as doctor visits, reports, and a special section that displays current news related to diabetes. Dia-log also has a special feature for insulin pump users to track basal rates stored in the pump. Mike Boeselager, the owner of this program, is a programmer who has had diabetes for several years.
  4. DiabetEASE is a free online diabetes management and monitoring system, which is designed to track and trend your daily insulin requirements. You can upload information from your blood glucose meter to the website. Your data is displayed in graphs showing your blood glucose levels, exercise and/or meals by date.
  5. MyDiabetes offers you a free personal online "Daily Diary" for tracking your blood glucose levels, carbohydrate intake, medications and more. You can also create graphs and reports to get feedback about your progress and the relationships among your medications, diet, exercise, and blood glucose levels.
  6. FutureWare has two programs for diabetes monitoring: GlucoseTracker and Diabetes Combo. GlucoseTracker allows you to create a color-coded graphical history of your blood glucose readings, ketone levels, exercise and insulin administration that you can print in various reports. The cost is $29.00. Diabetes Combo has all the features and functions of the Personal GlucoseTracker program, but also includes blood pressure and pulse readings. The cost is $49.00.
  7. CWD CoPilot allows you to maintain your data daily, measure your progress against blood glucose target; create reports and graphs from data that has been entered, e-Mail or Fax reports directly to your Health Care Team. Is a free web based tool sponsored by TheraSense but supports the use of any blood glucose monitor.

If you want to know more about different tools to help you control diabetes, I recommend you to visit David Mendosa’s website, where you will find a library of printable, web-based and software tools to help you manage diabetes.

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