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Exercise and Diabetes - Weight Training

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Weight training and diabetes

The benefits of working out with weights (or resistance training) when you have diabetes are the following:

1.      Better blood cholesterol profiles

2.      Improved heart function

3.      Lower blood pressure

4.      Better insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control

5.      Improved muscular strength, power, and endurance

6.     Increased bone strength

Increasing your muscle mass helps your body burn more fuel (glucose) and also helps you control your weight.

Another benefit is that besides increasing your overall sense of well being, your body gets toned and that raises your self confidence.

To start a weight training program just follow these simple tips, recommended by Jeffrey Janot, M.S. and Len Kravitz, Ph.D.

NOTE: remember that you must talk with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Also, consult a personal trainer to learn the best techniques for each exercise.

1.      Number of sets and repetitions. 1-2 sets per exercise is a good starting point. Use lower repetitions/higher resistance for strength and higher repetitions/lower resistance for endurance.

2.      Rest time between sets. Use 30-60 seconds for the rest period.

3.      Frequency of strength training. Train at least two days per week so you can see beneficial results.

One of the best weight training programs that I have seen is Body for Life, a 12 week diet and exercise program created by Bill Phillips, a former competitive bodybuilder.

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