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Exercise and Diabetes - The 10K Steps a Day Program

Walking and the 10K Steps a Day Program

Walking is the easiest and most popular physical activity in the world. The General Surgeon has recommended that by taking 10,000 steps or more a day you can help lower blood pressure, raise HDL ("good") cholesterol, decrease triglycerides and control blood sugar levels.

The 10K a Day program is designed to motivate you to reach 10,000 steps a day, regardless of your current activity.

But you don’t need to walk them in a row. Just with one hour of walking plus increasing your daily steps in easy ways such as parking further or taking the stairs you can achieve your 10K steps in one day.

Each 2,000 steps equals one mile. Your goal is to work up to 10,000 steps or more every day over a four week period. With the help of a podometer you will be increasing your steps each week.

Find out how to start your walking program with the article "Walking, a step in the right direction" from the National Institutes of Health and also print the booklet for the 10K steps a day program designed by the Washington University in St Louis.